Wichita Falls Bathtub and Shower Pros

Luxury Bath offers the most ideal solution for all their clients’ bathroom remodeling needs.  All Wichita Falls bathroom remodels, all sizes, all configurations, can be finished in as little as one day.  Enjoy a more positive bathroom remodel experience without the messy inconvenience of a non-functioning bathroom and best of all, a much lower cost than traditional remodeling.

Luxury Bath of Wichita Falls offers a variety of custom bathtubs and showers that can be utilized for any type of bathroom remodel.  The distinctive line of SimplyPure™ custom bathtubs are the ideal choice for the bathroom remodeling project, featuring:

  • Microban® protection for easier cleaning and upkeep
  • LuxBond® sealant to minimize mildew and soap film build-upLuxsan® signature acrylic lining durable, easy maintenance, better heat retention to keep bath water warm four times longer than traditional tubs
  • LuxSeal® shower doors
  • 100 % recyclable products
  • Functional and easy to keep clean
  • Largest array of colors and textures of any acrylic bathtub manufacturer

Call Luxury Bath and let their bathroom remodel professionals go to work as they transform your bathroom into a luxurious spa getaway, featuring whirlpool and soaker tubs.  For those who are concerned with the safety of their aging loved ones, walk-in tubs and wheelchair accessible showers are an unbeatable option with high quality, ADA compliant safety features.